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1:1 Treatment
Wellness Within You

Is stress, overwhelmingness, burnout and unworthiness holding you from living a life that brings you joy and fulfillment?

This session is working with the mind, and body while tuning into your intuition and consciousness. We will listen to the body and work to release traumas and emotions that have been locked away and stores in the body.​
This is typically the root cause of chronic issues such as exhaustion, stress, self sabotage, overwhelmingness, and never feeling good enough.
The healing that occurs in these sessions are multidimensional healings: past, present and future.
I will be healing you energetically, while aligning and balancing your chakras which will bring you back to divine remembrance and creation.
We will finish with sound healing and I will have you pull and oracle card.

This session is a 75 minute treatment for $125

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