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About Wendy

I'm Wendy Cowan, a wife, mom and entrepreneur.

I spent over 20 years in the corporate world, but even through my career was successful, I felt empty.

My nervous system was fatigued which made me chronically sick, and my body was always in pain.

I looked for a holistic approach to take my life back and improve my health. I had zero faith in western medicine and did not want the side effects of prescribed medicine.

I empowered myself and listened to my body.

As women, we are conditioned to nurture and provide for others, and that caring for yourself is selfish. My passion is to teach women to take back their power and learn to listen to their bodies.

I was on a robotic repetition of wash, rinse, and repeat.

My back was constantly in pain. I had frequent headaches and my life nerve (sciatic nerve) was flared to the point that even walking was unbearable.

I am grateful to have found modalities that only healed me but empowered me to take my life back.


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